Pedometer - Overview

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Footsteps is an advanced pedometer counting steps and calories burned as you walk or run. It's easy to use, works when in your pocket, hand or a case. It doesn't require any special belt although works great when you use one. Works in background (don't forget to start Footsteps after you turn on your iPhone/iPod). Works with Apple Watch.

iPhone Pedometer - Calorimeter


  • Records steps, duration, distance, calories burned
  • Shows current speed, pace and calorie burn
  • Works in background
  • Works with Apple Watch
  • Optional integration with the Health App
  • Displays counts for walking and running as well as total counts
  • Nine color schemes to choose from including high contrast B&W
  • Timer pauses automatically when no activity is detected
  • Pacer helps you maintain the desired speed and intensity. It also gives you information about calories burned per hour as you maintain this speed
  • Distance chime
  • Advanced algorithm calculating calories burned
  • Screen lock
  • Configurable step length for walking and running separately (check our website for step length calculators)
  • Configurable units of measurement both English and Metric
  • History & Graphs modules
  • Allows to share your workout sessions by email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter
  • On iPhones turns the screen off to save battery when close to the body, in the pocket or case


The pedometer can group your activity into workouts. You decide when to start, pause, reset and save your workout. You can also turn off workouts completely and let Footsteps capture your steps whenever the app is running (Settings -> Use Workouts switch to OFF).


History module lets you browse your activity grouped by months, weeks, days or you can see your individual workouts. You can add, edit or delete any of your activity, you can also share it by Email (with CSV attachment), SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

The Apple Health App Integration (iOS only)

You can set up Footsteps to provide steps, active calories and distance data to the Health App/Activity App. Footsteps can also synchronize weight with the Health App.

Apple Watch (iOS only)

You can use Apple watch with Footsteps, the activity recorded by it is transferred to Footsteps. The app can also contribute to Activity Rings If you turn on Health Kit integration.


The pedometer has a built-in help system with FAQ section,also feel free to contact our support, we'll be glad to help you. (from within Footsteps tap Help, then Feedback and send us an email explaining the problem).

Footsteps - Pedometer is available on App Store and Google Play.