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iPhone Pedometer - Overview

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NEW! - Footsteps - Pedometer v.5.0

Footsteps is an advanced pedometer counting steps and calories burned as you walk or run. It's easy to use, works when in your pocket, hand or a case. It doesn't require any special belt although works great when you use one. iPhone Pedometer - Calorimeter


  • Displays Step Count, Time Duration, Distance Travelled, Calories Burned and Speed. All separately for each activity and combined as well
  • Captures your workout in two ways - manual and automatic daily sessions
  • Two display modes - manual and daily views
  • Nine color schemes to choose from including high contrast B&W
  • Timer pauses automatically when no activity is detected
  • Pacer helps you maintain the desired speed and intensity. It also gives you information about calories burned per hour as you maintain this speed
  • Alert chimes a sound to let you know when you achieve the preset distance
  • Advanced algorithm calculating calories burned
  • Integrated with iPod Music Library
  • Screen lock (on the top of the pedometer view)
  • Configurable step length for walking and running separately (check our website for step length calculators)
  • Configurable units of measurement both English and Metric
  • Keeps track of your workout with History & Graphs modules
  • Allows to share your workout sessions by email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter (iOS5 or newer)
  • On iPhones turns the screen off to save battery when close to the body, in the pocket or case (this doesn't work on iPods)

Manual and Daily Sessions

The pedometer has two ways to capture your workout - Manual & Daily sessions. Manual sessions are turned on by default. You decide when to start, pause, reset and save your workout with a manual session. If you don't need such a precise control and instead you prefer the pedometer to count the steps every time you run it use Daily sessions instead. To switch to Daily Session Mode go to Settings, tap on Sessions in 'Display & Mode' section and select 'Daily Only'. You won't see Start/Pause/Resume button and 'Save & Reset' option on the pedometer view anymore since a Daily session will be started and saved automatically for you.

History of Your Workouts

Browse your workout sessions from the newest to the oldest or grouped by today, current week or months. Tap on any of the groups to see all the workouts in the group. Tap on any single workout session to view, delete or share it (Email (with CSV attachment), SMS, Twitter or Facebook). You can also edit any workout if the dates or values are for some reason incorrect. The pedometer has also a batch mode in which you can share or delete more than one workout session at once.

iPod Music

You can either continue to listen to your iPod playlist or define a separate one just for Footsteps.

Common issues

- If the speed, distance or calories burnt reading is not accurate check the values and units of measurement of Walk/Run step length and Weight fields in Settings. - Do not to press Sleep button on the device, it turns off the accelerometer. The pedometer has a built-in help system with FAQ section,also feel free to contact our support, we'll be glad to help you. (from within Footsteps tap Help, then Feedback and send us an email explaining the problem).

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