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Tracking Values

Footsteps tracks steps, duration, distance, calories burned, current and average speeds.

Note about duration: the timer stops when no steps are detected and resumes automatically when you start walking or running.


Your activity can be grouped into workouts. You decide when to start and finish the workout. Normally Footsteps will stop detecting steps when you finish the workout, you can change this in Settings and let Footsteps capture the steps even if a workout is not started. You will see your activity in Today view, but the steps won't be added to a workout. You can also turn off workouts completely and let Footsteps capture your steps whenever the app is running (Settings -> Use Workouts switch to OFF).

Starting Workout

To start a new workout tap Start button. If a workout is already started there will be Finish button instead, tap it to save or discard the current workout, after that you can start a new one. If you see Today instead of Workout and you don't see Start or Finish buttons, tap on Today and the view will switch to Workout mode. Also make sure 'Use Workouts is ON in Settings tab.

Pausing Pedometer

You can pause the app so it will stop detecting steps all together, just tap Pause button. This will save the battery when you don't need to track your steps. To resume normal operation tap on Resume button. If you use workouts and workout is not started and 'Always Track Steps' is turned off (default settings) you won't see Pause button because detecting steps is turned off already.

Watching the distance - Alert

Footsteps can play a sound every preset distance. To turn this feature on/off press Bell icon. A bell icon, together with the number of distance units you need to travel, shows on the screen when the alert is active.
To change the distance long press on the bell icon on the screen and select a new value.
With the display in Workout mode the alert will chime when the workout distance matches the pre-set value.
With the display in Today mode the alert will chime when the total distance traveled today matches the preset value.

Your Personal Trainer - Pacer

In order to walk or run at a certain pace you can use Footsteps' Pacer feature. Touch Metronome icon to turn it on/off. To change the target speed long press on the icon.

Display Mode

There are 2 display modes available

  • Workout - displays the current workout (Only available when Workouts are turned on in Settings)
  • Today - displays all today's activity

Walking or Running

Step length changes depending on activity and so does the amount of calories burned. Footsteps allows you to set different step lengths for walking and running. The algorithm used to calculate the calories burned takes into account the type of your activity. In Auto Mode Footsteps can detect whether you are walking or running. To adjust the threshold used to determine the activity type go to Settings and set the Auto Mode slider to the desired value. You may have to experiment with the setting a bit. Sliding towards the 'Walk' setting will make the application be more willing to work in the walk mode. Sliding towards 'Run' will cause to switch to the run mode more easily. In general, the lighter person you are the more move the slider towards 'Run'. You can also set the mode explicitly, just press Walk or Run button accordingly.


Footsteps stores your activity so you can view and share it at any time.

You can see your workouts or all activity in or outside workouts grouped by days, weeks and months. Tap on the groups until you see a single workout or day worth of activities and you will see them broken down to a list of samples of activities. You can add, edit or delete any of the samples. You can delete any workout or a whole day from History. You can share the items in History by Email (with CSV attachment), SMS, Twitter or Facebook.


You can also see the recorded history as a graph. You can graph the following values: Steps, Duration, Distance, Calories Burned and Average Speed. For each of the above you can see its total, walk, run or all the values. If you don't need the graphs and instead prefer to have all the other tabs visible you can turn them off (go to Settings->Graphs and turn the switch off).



Everyone is different and these parameters help Footsteps to adjust to provide most accurate readings.

  • Auto Mode - used to detect whether you are walking or running (see Walking or Running section for more details).
  • Walk - Step Length - Set your walking step length here. Step Length is the distance measured from the heel print of one foot to the heel print of the other foot. For walking the average is 2.2 feet for a woman and 2.5 feet for a man. Footsteps checks the number you enter to prevent from entering incorrect values. If the value is too small or too big it warns you, you can ignore the warning but be aware that the speed, distance and calories burned might not be as you expected.
  • Run - Step Length - Set your running step length here. Footsteps checks the number you enter to prevent from entering incorrect values. If the value is too small or too big it warns you, you can ignore the warning but be aware that the speed, distance and calories burned might not be as you expected.
  • Weight - Set your weight here.


  • Use Workouts - Turns on/off the workout functionality
  • Autosave Workout - Saves active workout and starts a new one at the beginning of each day
  • Always Track Steps - ON - Records steps even if
 the current workout is not started (steps are not added to a workout).

    OFF - Records steps only if a workout
 is started.

Display & Mode

  • Walk/Run Details - If ON the pedometer view shows all three types of readings - Total, Walk and Run. If Off only Total readings are shown.
  • Distance in - distance display units.
  • Speed in - speed display units.
  • Color Scheme - There are nine color schemes to choose from


  • Graphs On/Off - switches graphs on and off.

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